It’s All Downhill from Here

November 1, 2011

Skiing is a great date for the adventurous!  Whether you’re whisking down a bunny hill or rising in midair on the terrain park, if all goes well, the adrenaline rush won’t be just because you did your first double diamond.   Ski lifts were made so you could get a little closer to your partner. (Otherwise, they would have used trains.)  Snow glistens like clean and clear crystals as you glide gently above the wintry paradise, snuggling with your date, cold noses bumping as you sensually snog.  If you get to the bottom of the hill and you can’t get enough lip action, just grab the closest chairs to the fireplace in the lodge or go back to the cabin.

The Poconos has a variety of ski places.

Check out: Bear Creek

Blue Mountain

and Jack Frost & Big Boulder

Jack Frost and Big Boulder have some excellent lodging facilities perfect for your date or group outing.

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