July 24, 2012

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it, it probably DID make a sound.   However, if I were a tree falling down after 500 years of offering shade and shelter for animals, I would HOPE that EVERYONE  would hear me go.  If I were in a relationship with a great guy after years of being single, I’d want to tell everyone!  I’d want to wear my heart on my sleeve, face, and, well, Facebook!

Making a relationship Facebook Official can be a dilemma.  While some may be willing to share their relationship status with over 900 of their “closest” friends from pre-K through last night, others may want to keep the relationship privy to the people they confide in the most.  Being a fan of the first scenario, it is hard for me to rectify the difference between being a dirty little secret and being in a special romance that doesn’t need online Likes.  I don’t necessarily need the attention, but I want to feel that my relationship is WORTHY of others knowing about it.

Billy Joel says, “It’s a matter of trust.”  You can trust that someone who is in a relationship with you will be faithful and honest, but you can also trust that your friends would tell you if they were in relationships.  If you’re hiding that special relationship, what else might you be hiding?  Why aren’t you willing to share your status with your Facebook friends?  Is it because you don’t want that cute ex of yours to suddenly realize you’re not available?  Is it because you’re ashamed of the person you’re dating?

These are all legitimate questions.  People may debate me and say they don’t want their family members to start asking questions or have to deal with people seeing that they are suddenly IN a relationship and suddenly OUT of it if it doesn’t work.  To those on the other side, I question your feelings.  Just how interested are you if you aren’t willing to deal with outside opinions.  Perhaps if it is not worth the risk of sharing it publicly, it might not be worth acting on it privately.

And that, my friends, is my Facebook Official opinion.










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