Look at the Chart!

The Chart House in Philadelphia is a premier dining experience along the Delaware River. Definitely classy, the Chart House is by far one of the most romantic restaurants in the City of Brotherly Love.  Choose from steak, seafood, chicken, and more, and don’t forget to have the chocolate lava cake for dessert.


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If All Roads Lead to Rome, is it Best to Take the Scenic Route?

Someone once told me that it only mattered if we got there. I disagreed.  If all roads lead to Rome, it may be best to take the scenic route and savour every sultry second of it.  So whether your destination is a walk away, a ten minute drive, a six hour flight, a twelve hour train ride, or a two week road trip, make it meaningful and fun.  It’s all part of the date.  So sing at the top of your lungs, play license plate bingo (if applicable), create wacky stories about the strangers around you, ask 20 questions, strike up a debate about healthcare, and explore each other and the possibilities.

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Group date: Hibachi!

Perfect for a group of friends, Benihana restaurants serve flavorful hibachi-style meats and seafood.  Watch your chef juggle cooking utensils while your meal is made right before your eyes.  Filling and plentiful, try to save room for dessert.  They have excellent sherbert among other choices.


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Since working out can be an aphrodisiac, amp it up to a half marathon.  Pick a cause, turn training into a date, challenge and support one another, and reap the benefits of a cardio workout.  Causes are aplenty, but here is one I did. http://www.ccteamchallenge.org/Teams/Philadelphia_-_Delaware_Valley_Chapter.htm

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Head to Serendipity3

CHOCOLATE and LOVE are supposed to have similar effects on the inside of the body. Test the theory out by heading to Serendipity3 in New York City.  The narrow, gorgeous restaurant looks like it’s set up for a celebration all year round.  It is the perfect setting to enjoy dessert, a meal, and even spot celebrities.  (Notice the order of events.)  If you want to see something really famous, order the frozen hot chocolate.  It’s huge and delicious.  Feel free to be as cute as the deco and share it with your sweetie, but if you want it all for yourself, who could blame you?  serendipity3.com

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Naked Chocolate

I don’t need to say anymore.  Take your date to the Naked Chocolate Cafe.  Dessert never felt so good.  nakedchocolatecafe.com.

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Argue Art, Discuss at Dinner, but Don’t Get Icy over Ice Cream

Perhaps that was one of the worst headlines in the world, but this date could be one of your best.  Head to Lambertville, NJ and wander the many blocks dedicated to art stores and unique gift shops.  If you’re lucky, you’ll meet some artists and find out the real meanings behind their works.  When the stores and galleries start to close, stroll along the canal.  Feeling famished?  Inn of the Hawke, restaurant, bar, and inn, 74 S. Union Street, offers delicious meals in a cozy, romantic, and relaxed atmosphere.  Take your time dining; perhaps you’ll be too tired to drive home, but make sure you’re not too tired for ice cream at the art-filled Buck’s Ice Cream and Espresso Bar, 25 Bridge Street.

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A Lesson in Anatomy

Checking out body parts is an understated dating activity.  For the unconventional lovers, check out  the College of Physicians of Philadelphia’s Mutter Museum.  Explore human anatomy at its most unusual.  See preserved body parts, surgical instruments, and more.  It’s definitely a conversation piece, but it’s not for weak stomachs.

Check out:  collphyphil.org/INDEX.ASP

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P.Y.T. (Hey, it ain’t Mickey D’s!)

A burger on a date?  For real?  Yes!  Hey, it ain’t Mickey D’s, but it’s not the Chart House either.  P.Y.T. is a fun place to go, relax, and chat.  It’s perfect for the fresh couple or the ones who’ve been dating for an eternity.  It may not scream ballroom gown and tux, but it definitely screams FUN, and the $10 Adult Milkshakes are all the rage.

Besides, this place is at The Piazza at Schmidt’s…  Be sure to check out the local art galleries and shops before you’re too full to stroll.


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Singing and Dancing

This one place offers all four.  Philadelphia’s Tavern on Camac, primarily a gay and lesbian haunt, is a fun spot for all.  Spend dinner there, and then drink and sing in the piano bar before heading up to the club bar to get your dance on. tavernoncamac.com

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