Just KISS Me Already! ;-)

Shower your date with kisses while learning all about how candy is made inside Hershey’s Chocolate World.  Be sure to stop in the shop and pick up some favorites to take home or take back to the hotel.

Hershey’s Chocolate World is open year-round, as well as Hershey’s lodging facilities, which offer even more chocolate-infused fun!

Check out hersheys.com/chocolateworld/index.shtml and thehotelhershey.com/accommodations/index.php and hersheylodge.com.

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Location IS Everything.

Forget spending $50+ on twelve roses that will wilt within the week.  It’s less expensive to show your date an entire garden of LIVING plants and flowers.  Surround your beauty with beauty at Longwood Gardens.  Make sure your breath is minty fresh, as this place has some of the world’s best make out spots.

For more information, go to longwoodgardens.org.

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The Magical World of Love

If you haven’t been to The Piazza at Schmidt’s in Philadelphia, you need to stop what you are doing and go there.  Right now.  Home to galleries, unique shops, bars, and restaurants, what more could you want?

Alright, fine.  You also want some magic in your relationship just like everyone else.  Well, The Piazza at Schmidt’s has that, too.  Head to Trickzone.  No, it’s not like some kinky South Street shop.  Trickzone is home to magic tricks.  Be dazzled by the trade, buy some tricks of your own, or, perhaps, see about having a magic party on the premises.  They’re recommended for children’s birthdays, but asking never hurt, and creativity always gets a gold star when it comes to dating.

And Trickzone gets a gold star for the debating couple: “Is love truly magical or is it just an illusion?”  One stop here and you might even be able to magically figure out a way to get your date to stop talking and make out with you already.  Just maybe.   trickzonephilly.com

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Philadelphia Has History and You Can Make Some. Part 2

Fashion designers will surely want to visit famous sewer Betsy Ross’ House before heading to Urban Outfitters for some shopping.  Sure, Urban Outfitters is international, but Philly is where it started. bestyrosshouse.org and urbanoutfitters.com

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A Lesson in Anatomy

Checking out body parts is an understated dating activity.  For the unconventional lovers, check out  the College of Physicians of Philadelphia’s Mutter Museum.  Explore human anatomy at its most unusual.  See preserved body parts, surgical instruments, and more.  It’s definitely a conversation piece, but it’s not for weak stomachs.

Check out:  collphyphil.org/INDEX.ASP

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P.Y.T. (Hey, it ain’t Mickey D’s!)

A burger on a date?  For real?  Yes!  Hey, it ain’t Mickey D’s, but it’s not the Chart House either.  P.Y.T. is a fun place to go, relax, and chat.  It’s perfect for the fresh couple or the ones who’ve been dating for an eternity.  It may not scream ballroom gown and tux, but it definitely screams FUN, and the $10 Adult Milkshakes are all the rage.

Besides, this place is at The Piazza at Schmidt’s…  Be sure to check out the local art galleries and shops before you’re too full to stroll.


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Singing and Dancing

This one place offers all four.  Philadelphia’s Tavern on Camac, primarily a gay and lesbian haunt, is a fun spot for all.  Spend dinner there, and then drink and sing in the piano bar before heading up to the club bar to get your dance on. tavernoncamac.com

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Take Your Breath Away

There’s no guarantee that your date is going to take your breath away, but you can do that on your own –without getting kinky.  A bike ride is a great way to get your adrenaline pumping and the conversation flowing.  (You’re even forced to put down your mobile phone for awhile. There are few things worse than being on a date with someone who spends the whole time sending text messages to the world, but, hey, these days, most of us are at fault for it.  I know I am, but I also know that I can’t text and ride my bike.)  So leave modern technology behind and head out your front door.

The Philadelphia area has some great places to ride.  If you want a paved path, complete with heart-pumping hills, head to Northeast Philadelphia’s Pennypack Park fairmountpark.org/TrailsIntro.asp or Tyler State Park dcnr.state.pa.us/stateparks/parks/tyler.aspx.  For a view of the river, a paved trail, and a dirt path, head to Neshaminy State Park dcnr.state.pa.us/stateparks/parks/neshaminy.aspx.

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Show Off for Your Date

Long ago, this might entail a sword fight to the death, but fortunately, times have changed.  It’s not how long and sharp your sword is, it’s how sharp your mind is.  Prove that your wits are quick at ComedySportz or The N Crowd.  Both improv comedy groups accept ideas from the audience, helping make every show a new hilarious new adventure.  Inexpensive and alcohol-free, both venues make a perfect night for all ages. Check out comedysportz.com and phillyncrowd.com.

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Rock with Me. All night…

You don’t have to sing MJ songs all night.  It could be Etta James or The Beatles or Blur or Tupac.   Regardless of if you sound like Jewel or you sound like Axl Rose with laryngitis, karaoke is a great way to let loose on a date.  Even if your partner chickens out, there are still plenty of other people to cheer on… or mock.  For karaoke fun, check out the New Deck Tavern in University City (Philly, PA) newdecktavern.com.

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