Philadelphia Has History, And You Can Make Some.

If you can reach someone’s mind, you are on the right path to reaching someone’s soul.  These intellectually stimulating dates may have you role playing in olde English in no time.  Visit Independence Hall, where the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were signed.  Then head over to the Liberty Bell and see if it’s  what it’s cracked up to be.  Learn about the famous Benjamin Franklin at Franklin Court.  Check out and and for more information.

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Take Your Breath Away

There’s no guarantee that your date is going to take your breath away, but you can do that on your own –without getting kinky.  A bike ride is a great way to get your adrenaline pumping and the conversation flowing.  (You’re even forced to put down your mobile phone for awhile. There are few things worse than being on a date with someone who spends the whole time sending text messages to the world, but, hey, these days, most of us are at fault for it.  I know I am, but I also know that I can’t text and ride my bike.)  So leave modern technology behind and head out your front door.

The Philadelphia area has some great places to ride.  If you want a paved path, complete with heart-pumping hills, head to Northeast Philadelphia’s Pennypack Park or Tyler State Park  For a view of the river, a paved trail, and a dirt path, head to Neshaminy State Park

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Show Off for Your Date

Long ago, this might entail a sword fight to the death, but fortunately, times have changed.  It’s not how long and sharp your sword is, it’s how sharp your mind is.  Prove that your wits are quick at ComedySportz or The N Crowd.  Both improv comedy groups accept ideas from the audience, helping make every show a new hilarious new adventure.  Inexpensive and alcohol-free, both venues make a perfect night for all ages. Check out and

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Savor the Moment

If love begins with butterflies in the stomach, tell them to scram.   You’re not going to want anything competing for space in your precious belly.  So what if Distritos Mexican restaurant specializes in small plates?  Even though each one is filling, they’re so delicious, you’re going to want to eat a million of them!  Besides, who wants butterflies when you can have Margaritas and sopas?   Savor every taste,  and savor the eclectic atmosphere.

For more information, go to:

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Rock with Me. All night…

You don’t have to sing MJ songs all night.  It could be Etta James or The Beatles or Blur or Tupac.   Regardless of if you sound like Jewel or you sound like Axl Rose with laryngitis, karaoke is a great way to let loose on a date.  Even if your partner chickens out, there are still plenty of other people to cheer on… or mock.  For karaoke fun, check out the New Deck Tavern in University City (Philly, PA)

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A Date for the Indecisive

Regular decisions are not my strong suit. Ask me what I think about social injustices, and I can be decisive and poignant. Ask me what I want for dinner, and you might be there for awhile. If you or your date have trouble choosing a meal when everything sounds so amazing, then you should eat where there is no menu.

Mamma Maria Ristorante Italiano is sure to delight you. There’s plenty to eat and plenty to drink. Experience the celebrity chef’s culinary genius in her South Philly ristorante!

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Pick Up Your Chopsticks

It’s no secret that Philadelphia is not known as the fittest city in the world.  Greasy, tasty cheese steaks, oily, mayonnaise-filled hoagies (known as subs in other cities), sweet, sugary water ice, and salty, soft pretzels are just some of the town’s feel good delights.  Yummy and inexpensive, it’s easy to spend your time in Philadelphia shoveling on the calories.  But not all people know that Philadelphia is also home to delicious and healthy cooking, right in the heart of one of the city’s best attractions – Chinatown.

Prove you care about yourself and your date at Charles Plaza, 234 N. 10th Street.  A healthy alternative to the Philly junk food scene, the Chinese restaurant is a classy but casual BYOB, allowing you to pick what you want to drink without overpaying for a glass of wine.  Fuki Plum Wine, sweet, different than the usual Merlot, Chardonnay or Zinfandel, is an affordable way to accompany your entree.

Upon arrival, Charles Chen, owner of Charles Plaza, or one of his friendly staff will seat you.  While the restaurant can and is sometimes arranged to fit larger parties, on a typical night, the tables hold couples of all ages, taking in the ambiance of white table cloths, candlelight, and mirrored walls.  But if you’re inside Charles Plaza, the simple but elegant scenery is not what you’re likely to remember.  It’s the meal and the service.

After sipping on tea, water and wine, the House Special Won Ton Soup for two, a healthier version of Won Ton Soup, complete with vegetables and low sodium broth, is a great way to begin the dining experience.  It’s not an unusual item on Charles’ menu — he specializes in healthy Chinese food, using brown rice and not using MSG.

Charles Plaza is also a vegetarian’s delight, featuring a large selection of entrees and appetizers, including the crispy, light, and flavorful vegetarian spring rolls.  If you like meat, that’s no problem either.  If you’re hungry, order the Orange Chicken, delicately cooked white meat, tossed in an orange sauce, complete with orange zest, veggies, and brown rice.  This large portion is usually enough to satisfy one person with a doggie bag, but if you’re with a group, think about sharing entrees.  Because empty dishes are placed on the table before your meal comes, you can dish out what you want and share what you don’t.  If you’re sharing, the Sesame Chicken with Lemon Sauce goes nicely with the Orange Chicken.  This isn’t your typical Sesame Chicken.  Thin pieces of white meat, heavily coated with sesame seeds, are lightly fried and placed over shredded lettuce leaves.  A sweet, lemon sauce is served on the side.  If you haven’t mastered eating with chopsticks, this is the dish to practice, but forks are readily available.

Those with dietary concerns or favorite dishes not found on the menu can happily learn that if you ask nicely, you will get what you want.  When you’ve eaten to your heart’s content, the check is placed with fortune cookies and either orange slices or almond cookies.  You’ll pay your bill while dreaming about the next time you’ll return.  Even if months pass, Charles Chen, master of delicious dining, also has a fine memory and may remember not only you, but also what you ordered.

Full and content, Charles Plaza is just the place to go to keep you from munching on cheese steaks, even if it’s just for a night.

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Dating is for the Birds!

XIX will give you a reason to XO. XIX, Nineteen, is an upscale American restaurant located on the 19th floor of the Hyatt and the Bellevue in Philadelphia. Overlooking the Avenue of the Arts, the view on the inside is just as stunning as the view on the outside.

Leave your Phillies hoodies in the car and opt for a sports jacket. Be sure to dress to impress before taking your date to the ever-impressive XIX.

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Smooth Sailing

Whatever happened to a good old-fashioned night of dinner, drinks, and dancing? Have a spirit or two on the Spirit of Philadelphia and dance the night away!  Lunch options are also available!

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Bowl with It

If I get a 40, it’s a high score.  North Bowl is a fun time even for those of us who are not the best at bowling.  With bowling lanes, pool tables, couches, hip atmosphere, great drinks, a laid-back crowd (and when I say crowd, I mean, put your name in EARLY if you want a lane), North Bowl is definitely a chill date away from home.  Check out for more information.

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